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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!



Consulting and design services

Guidance, Navigation and Control

We have extensive background in aerospace and defense, including guided missile design / test and unmanned aerial vehicle design, control and manufacturing. Most of our applications involve inertial navigation and vehicle control. If you have design questions ranging from concept to implementation but may need assistance, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.


Motion Control

A large part of our history is in custom pan and tilt surveillance applications. For example, our software is used on systems protecting the Washington D.C. from errant aircraft entering the restricted airspace over the city.


Medical device design

We have also performed work successfully on a number of items in the medical device industry. There are many possible applications of inertial sensing technology to increase the standard of medical care.



Product customization

Our products (CHIMU, Monkey, Nav Board, etc.) are generic enough that they meet many applications and needs. However, sometimes a little customization goes a long way. If our products are close, but not quite what you need, let us know and we may be able to either provide it already or incorporate it for you...


Grant writing

A smaller part of our core business is writing grant applications for charitable institutions. We are always accepting inquiries regarding this service. If you are trying to raise money for your charity, we may be able to help.




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