X-Monkey  4.4
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X-Monkey Cortex Navigation Platform Software Reference Manual


The Monkey navigation platform integrates the latest ARM Cortex processor with
a high performance GPS receiver, active on board antenna and auto switching to external active antenna,
6 opto isolated servo PWM outputs, RS-485 driver, barometric pressure sensor, micro SD card logging,
external flash memory logging, I2C EEPROM configuration save capability, 3 user serial ports,
full 3 axis rate, acceleration and magnetometer sensors,
three status LED's, a serial boot loader and more!

Monkey has a plug in interface that works with our CHIMU AHRS to obtain 200 Hz attitude updates, providing a complete navigation and attitude estimation platform.


Any questions not addressed here can be emailed to: suppo.nosp@m.rt@r.nosp@m.yanme.nosp@m.chat.nosp@m.ronic.nosp@m.s.co.nosp@m.m.

X-Monkey Cortex Navigation Platform Software Reference Manual

Public vs. Proprietary Code

The Monkey code is a mix of public source code and private / proprietary libraries.
The public code license is viewable on every public file.
The private libraries may be used on the Monkey platform. Any other use is prohibited unless permission is granted by Ryan Mechatronics LLC.