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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!


Consulting, Design Services and Product Customization

Medical Inertial Navigation

Major FDA 510(k) milestone reached. Project continues with enhancments and new features.


Laser Illuminator control and design

Delivery milestones on eye safe laser illuminator and pointer completed. Systems fielded and operational.


Thermal Management system

Design completed and assembled with initial software test successful. Units have been fielded and proved oeprational.


GPS / INS Indoor Navigation

Using Monkey and CHIMU combination with custom software. Developed for previous customer, under test by new customer. Lessons learned for future applications.





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Past Projects

Consulting, design services, and product customization

Many of our projects are protected by confidentiality agreements and we can't share any real details. But when we can, we try to at least give snippets of what we do and work on.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding leveraging our past projects and experience for your project.