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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!



Discovery Channel

Behind the scenes

We were contacted by producers of the TV show "SmashLab" to assist them in providing solutions to the problems they had scripted. One episode had a robot rescue craft that was to navigate and dock autonomously with a man overboard, then return him to the rescue ship. Another was to sense an imminent tipping situation on a logging truck using inertial sensors and trigger a relay that they would wire up to a counterbalance or something similar.


Robot Boat Videos
Robot Boat Intro Robot Boat Success!
Download link: Robot Boat Intro Download link: Robot Boat Success


The logging truck show was done in Portland, we weren't on site for it but it looked fun!

Logging Truck Videos
Logging Truck Intro Logging Truck test with CHIMU
Download link: Logging Truck Intro Download link: Logging Truck test

Logging Truck Videos
Logging Truck Crash!
Download link: Logging Truck Crash




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