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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!


Comparison to ADI 16362

The ADI 16362 cube is precision calibrated by Analog Devices.  It is a very good device.  We had access to a unit, and did some noise comparisons with the CHIMU J.  As you can see, the CHIMU J is beating that unit, which is listed at $625 per single unit (plus a $250 USB interface board if you need it).

This compares to the anticipated $260 CHIMU J cost (though we are still evaluating that, it might go down)...

Pitch Noise comparison

CHIMU J Performance Quicklook

The new CHIMU-J AHRS is being run thru final paces and stress tests.  An updated user manual will be out soon describing the new features, and the unit will be available for purchase after April 14. 

Currently, the performance is a ten-fold increase above the original CHIMU in terms of noise and general performance due to upgraded sensors and core processor, which opens the door to better performance on existing GPS/INS applications using the unit, especially for periods of GPS denied tracking.

10xLowerGyroNoise  FasterBiasEstimation

CHIMU-J board product release update

The CHIMU-J (Josephine) boards have arrived in house.  We are still working on porting and testing the proven CHIMU code to the new processor and optimizing the output and data interface.

CHIMU J Pallet

The new CHIMU-J's have a secondary connector that will allow more customers to use it in non-Monkey applications.  This connector has power, UART, and SPI bus lines available.

Check back in for updates as they become available!

Our New Website

Our old website was thrown together years ago, and was pretty much like a house of cards. Since then, we've seen much of our new business contacts come from web searches in areas like inertial sensing, UAV's, and other related areas. So we decided it was time to upgrade the site a little and try to modernize it a little.

That said, we may have some bugs showing up, so bear with us in the short term.

Two main features we are pretty excited about is this (the blog you are reading) and our newsletter signup. We are trying to keep our customers and other interested parties up to date with what we have going on. The newsletter will be a large part of that, as we will rely on it to alert you to changes in released software, new products, or new information that you may find important regarding your existing projects using our products.

The newsletter has an RSS feed as well, so it can be integrated into your mail program for even easier updates.

We'll post more about this feature as we proceed.  Thanks for stopping by and just yell if you have any questions! 

Updated CHIMU / Monkey Control Panel

Many of our customers have been using beta versions of an updated control panel. The latest release is now available hereIncluded in this build are some nice features including:

· Google Earth tracking

· Joystick monitoring

· Automatic Antenna Tracking

Stay tuned in the next month for an overall site update, as well as announcements regarding new products and capabilities!

Monkey User Manual now available!

The latest Monkey board has been around for a few months now, and a number of developers have been using it.  We have been very slow on getting a user manual out for it however, as it is for advanced users that typically haven't needed it.  However, we are now pleased to release the first draft Monkey User Manual.

Older Monkey video

Here is just one example of how Monkey and CHIMU can be used together occurred earlier this year on a rocket launch by a team from the Naval Postgraduate School.  See this link for a video of the launch

Nav Board M3 - Open Source for ARM

The NavBoardM3 was designed to work with the SRV robots at  The latest version has an onboard ARM processor however. 

And now, the source code for the NavBoard M3 has now been uploaded to a new open source site

If you aren’t into the full DIY aspects, the GUI and stock firmware files are available on the Nav Board M3 page as well...

Nav Board User Manual now available!

The NavBoard User Manual has now been posted, and the main page updated.  We expect the full open source package for on board processing to be available before the end of September.  Check it out here:  Nav Board M3 page

New Navigation Board M3 available!

The Nav Board M3 has been checked out and is ready for sale!

The new Nav Board has all the old features, plus external antenna jack, 3 axis rate gyro, and on board ARM for custom programming. 

Check it out here:  Nav Board M3 page.

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