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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!


Ryan Mechatronics site award from EE Schools

We were pleased to find out recently that our site and blog have been cited on the Electrical Engineering Schools newly published list of 99 Superb Sites on Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering!

The list has a number of really good sites (some past collaborators), so please take a look at it! here:


Lady GaGa flight support

Hi everyone,

We've been quiet lately, working on some new projects. One just recently finished. Ryan Mechatronics provided flight control support and all electrical power and control wiring for the "Volantis" project by the performer Lady GaGa.

The vehicle was heavily loaded (after artistic design mods were added) but flew nicely. Not many people (less than 10 probably?) have flown on a personal electric powered multicopter, so this was a challenging project.

Some video of the flight can be found here:

From start to finish, this craft was created and flown in 4 months!

We had a good time working on it and look forward to supporting it in the future!

Check back in later this year / first month of next year for some new products we are working on that enhance the X-Monkey product for multicopter flight...

X-Monkey release date - April 30, 2012

Great News!

We have the new X-Monkey in stock, and the unit will be on sale Monday, April 30!

All new components (switching regulator, dataflash, EEPROM, MEMS sensors, high perofrmance GPS with auto sense antenna switch) are working well and software source / libraries will be ready for release on the 30th.

Unlike other companies, we do not accept pre-order sales.  It isn't fair to the customer to take their money and then let them know how many months it will be until they get what they paid for.

In the meantime, the X-Monkey User Manual and separate Software description are now availble on the X-Monkey product page:


Please email with any questions, or post a comment to this blog!

Mr. Yan

X-Monkey Product Announcement

Good news!

The new X-Monkey boards have been received and the product is currently being tested!

Beginning prototype assembly:

The X-Monkey has great new features, including GPS antenna autodetect, configuation and data logging flash, a full 9-DOF host of MEMS sensors, legacy CHIMU interface and support for the Invensense MPU-9150 when it becomes available!

Please check back in for updates, or send us an email at:


Next Generation Monkey!


First, thank you to all our customers.  The breadth of projects out there that use our products is wider than we had thought, and it has rewarding to help out.

Some of you have written regarding the status on the Monkey platform.  The Monkey ordering page indicates out of stock..  It is true, our last build was bought out by a single customer unexpectedly.  Here was half of the order before shipping:


So while we were very happy with the order, it left us with no stock. 

It was time for a new update to the Monkey platform however.  So we are taking advantage of this to get the next generation Monkey out the door!


We'll follow up with more description, but the highlights of the new design include:

  • GPS autodetect antenna capability (no more special ordering for external antenna)
  • On board switching regulator allowing 4 to 36 V input voltage
  • Three different inertial sensor capabilities!
    • CHIMU interface
    • Independent rate, accel and mag sensors on board
    • The new MPU-9150 chip from Invensense
  • New dedicated solid state data flash memory
  • New dedicated I2C configuration memory

User's old code will work with the new Monkey (as long as it has been confined to UserMode.c).

We'll follow up with more details, but for now, we expect to be back in supply in late March. 

Thanks again for your interest!


Pre-release of Monkey Software Reference Manual

The release of the latest public Monkey base code will be August 1, 2011.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Access to inertial navigation capability (beta!)
  • Enhanced logging and system settings
  • Enhanced CHIMU interface
  • Better documentation of functions

Prior to the release, we have updated the documentation within the code, and put the software reference manual online:

Link to pre-release Monkey Software Reference Manual


Public Monkey updates coming ...

We haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to let you know of an update to the stock Monkey code that should be coming out in the next month.  We were waiting for the official release of Rowley Crossworks 2.1, a fairly major upgrade which just came out.  Monkey code uses Rowley as the IDE and compiler base, which in turn is based on GCC.

We are going to wait a little bit for some of the inevitable small bug corrections to that core, and then will be releasing an update to the public Monkey code.  Some of the included upgrades will be:

  • Autodetect of CHIMU or CHIMU J modules
  • Options for Monkey/CHIMU telemetry turn off
  • Enhanced SD card logging
  • Access to CHIMU advanced functions (centripetal, heading substitution, calibrations)
  • Reconfigure of control and navigation functions into libraries
  • Possible addition (depending on release status) of access to GPS/INS library previously reserved for advanced customers


Navigation Board M3 BACK IN STOCK

Nav Board M3's are back in stock.  Please go here to order:

Nav Board M3 Product Page

Paparazzi and CHIMU integration

Christophe De Wagter at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has been working on integrating a CHIMU into a Paparazzi autopilot. He has implemented both the UART and SPI interfaces and a video of the system working can be seen here:

Here is another video showing stabilization of a little antenna using the SPI output (200 Hz rate).  This was a difficult integration as the Paparazzi code wasn't setup to handle being a slave SPI device.

Christophe has done a great job (overcoming many integration difficulties) and its great to know the CHIMU can interact with the Paparazzi code.  Thanks Christophe!

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Navigation Board M3 temporarily out of stock

Sorry everyone, we are temporarily out of stock for our Nav Board M3.  We expect more units by April 27 however, and will update the status before then.

You can still purchase the units, they will ship when they become available.

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