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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!


Purchase and Options


  • At this time, X-Monkey has all you need on board.
  • A number of "package deals" are shown below.
    • The most important is the CHIMU-J package with the X-Monkey, providing the best performing, highest thruput solution for attitude control and GPS/INS navigation.
    • Additionally, choosing a USB Converter will result in us sending you a USB node and cable to facilitate communication with the unit (though this isn't necessary if you already have something similar).

Please see the usage notes below to understand the toolset required for reprogramming.



Also Recommended

The CHIMU module is very useful with X-Monkey, providing attitude estimates and pass thru data

The Power Node and USB Node are also useful, with the Power Node providing power not just for X-Monkey, but for servo motors.

Support and Tools

Currently, X-Monkey is operational and earlier versions have been used for many specialty applications. The ability to run your source code with our libraries allows you to host user code on the platform. The unit is shipped with basic code installed that passes CHIMU and GPS data out the main serial port. Other functions may be implemented in base code at the time of order.

Custom software builds have been designed and implemented for various customers. Please contact us for this design support service.


Hardware Datasheet and User Manual (New!)

X-Monkey Hardware User Manual (UM 5000)


X-Monkey Software Development Description document (New!)

X-Monkey Software Development Guide (UM5100)


X-Monkey Software Reference Guide (New!) - HTML On Line Only (pre-release for version 4.0)

Monkey Cortex Navigation Platform Software Reference Manual




X-Monkey source code and libraries are available to customers. The latest stock .hex file for normal X-Monkey operation can be downloaded from here:

Firmware Hex file - SW_Build_4_2_7_24_13


Stock code or custom code written for customers will work with our GUI for interface, command and control and data logging. Links to the GUI software are located here:

Graphical User Interface product page (free)

Graphical User Interface installer



Hardware and Tools required for User Programming

We can provide a software core of source code and libraries for programming by the end user. This project is written using the Rowley Crossworks for ARM compiler. Once built, the code may be loaded into Monkey via serial port. However, it is highly recommended that you also purchase debugging hardware compatible with the Monkey SWD Cortex programming header. Here is a list of sources for these tools:

Rowley Crossworks for ARM - This is our preferred tool for compiling code. Rowley provides a solid compiler and IDE based on the GCC compiler base, and provides both forum and ticketed support for users. Licenses start at $150 for personal use.

ARM-USB-TINY-H - This is a high speed JTAG debugger that works with the Rowley toolset, and costs about $60. Rowley has a JTAG debugger as well, the CrossConnect Lite, its just a little more costly at $100.

ARM SWD Adapter - This is required for the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) format for ARM Cortex interface. It plugs into the debugger above and comes with the cable that plugs directly into Monkey's SWD header.


Instructional videos

YouTube hosted video showing Monkey operation




themed image

X-Monkey Cortex Navigation Platform

The X-Monkey navigation platform integrates the latest ARM Cortex processor with a high performance GPS receiver, active on board antenna, 6 opto isolated servo PWM outputs, RS-485 driver, barometric pressure sensor, rate, acceleration and magnetic sensors, data flash, micro SD card logging, 3 user serial ports, three status LED's, and a serial boot loader!


For best performance, Monkey has a plug in interface that works with the CHIMU AHRS to obtain 200 Hz attitude updates with no processor load, providing a complete navigation and attitude estimation platform.